First, we need to deeply understand the story we are telling. We need to meet the characters and know why they matter to the audience. What makes their story remarkable? They need crazy desire for something, even if it’s a glass of water.


After we define our purpose, we start field research to find our Heart. They are gushing with desire, uniqueness, and complexity. We analyze our data and develop different journeys we can take our audience on, ultimately arriving at the one that is aligned with our purpose. It’s their journey that we follow.



Even if we craft the most incredible film, if there's no strategy to optimize engagement, it won't reach the correct audience. Because of that, the audience won't do what you want them to do. A solid strategy ensures expectations are met and it gets to the right audience on time.


Once we get approval on the treatment, only then do we pull out our gear. Because we spent a great deal learning about our Heart and defining our purpose, we know the story we are going to tell way before we think about the gear.


Together, we have told the story of a remarkable person and given our audience a reason to care. We have a film that is emotionally engaging, a defined purpose and a strategy set for success. This is where we deliver the assets and wait patiently to see all of our hard work go live. It’s not a goodbye, but an “until next time” situation. We’re only looking for life-long friends, collaborators and supporters. If we’ve done our job, we get to tell another amazing story together, soon.